Activation Lock Deactivating Crime


Here are some encouraging statistics. The rate of stolen smartphones has declined from 30 to 40%. We should thank Apple for this change in a crime tide. It turns out that the Activation Lock has been just the thing we needed the most. What is the use of stealing a smartphone, if you cannot use it in the first place?

As soon as someone tries to turn off Find My iPhone option on your lost or stolen iPhone, the Activation Lock will take care of it all for you. No one can hide your iPhone from you nor access the sensitive data. For all of you, who have some really important data, there is always an option to destroy your phone remotely.

It really comes as a surprise that you can do so many positive and beneficial things with a simple feature such as this one. On the other hand, the next generation of thieves would really have to be a smart one in order to deal with the smartphones and their top protection cyber measures. Right?

For the time being, we should relax and enjoy our safety. It is going to take a while before some ingenious hackers find a way to deal with this protection measure. As long as we have something simple and efficient such as the Activation Lock, we can forget about troubles of losing the most precious gadget.

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