The Interview Feeling Blue


The Interview has entered the movie theaters. For what is worth, not on a full scale as planned. If you have a reason to fear that someone will conduct a terrorist attack in the darkness of the movie theater, you have an option to rent this movie online and watch it absolutely safely. Or not?

Maybe, the notorious Bureau 121 from the North Korea has the capacities to attack every single computer on this planet, which shows this movie. There is a little bit strange angle for this unusual situation we would like to share with you. We dare to say that this was an unplanned and unusual win-win situation for both parties.

You may wonder, how can this be? Well, it is actually quite simple, if you are willing to accept it. Sony Pictures has advertized its latest movie in the most unusual, but very effective way. On the other side, the North Korea has a rare and unique opportunity to fight the common prejudices about its technology development.

So, the North Korean hackers have provided some free advertisement for the Sony Pictures. In return, we have expressed our admiration with the North Korean achievements in the cyber field. So, who is hurt here? We have seen the movie. And our blog is still operational, but do not tell anyone. It is our little secret.

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