The Lizard Squad


Who are these guys? It turns out that we are witnessing a birth of a new phenomenon. We are already treating some hackers and hacker’s groups as the genuine rock stars. These so-called lizards have something against the most popular gaming platforms such as the Xbox Live and PSN. Why is that?

Well, to tell the truth, we are not quite sure. Maybe, they just want to prove something to themselves. This one is entirely up to them. The similar situation we had when the North Korean Bureau 121 was discovered. The “innocent” movie called the Interview was the trigger for their activities.

The trouble with the curve in this matter is that some busy little malicious cyber bees can be caught into the bigger-stronger-more labyrinth. In order to prove something and impress the cyber audience, they can attack the vital systems and literally destroy the world, as we know it today. Can we avoid that?

It is hard to tell. Maybe, we should not make provocative movies, which can annoy the dictatorship regimes all over the world. This was a joke, but not too far from the truth. We should not give the undeserved publicity to the hackers. This can be surprisingly effective. Better than any known antivirus program.

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