What Went Wrong?


We had almost an entire hour of extremely unpleasant Internet silence for the major league players, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, MySpace, and Hipcha. You know how it goes, when you lack official statements and explanations, don’t you? Speculations and rumors run wild.

On the one side, we have some serious rumors about the Lizard Squad involvement in these embarassing events. This was apparently one more successful demonstration of their new and efficient DDoS attacks concept. Yet, somehow we are not convinced. Do these guys really need additional publicity?

On the other side, there were some scary voices that the Islamic State was involved in this. However, there are at least two reasons to doubt this possibility. The first is a serious doubt about the possibility of their hacker’s teams to run something like this on such a big scale. What is the second one?

Well, the Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists simply cannot live without the social networks. A great deal of new members comes as a direct result of their social network activities. Why ruin all of that with a cyber attack? The more we wait for the official explanation, the more likely we are to speculate.

Rent Your Own Cyber Lizard


Unbelievable. One more time we have realized that there is no such category called the dumb hacker. Why in the world, would you attack some of the most popular gaming networks during the Christmas week? It just does not make any sense. Unless. Unless, you are promoting yourself, for real.

Let us put it this way. If you are making weapons, what is the best possible way to promote your products? Oh dear, you either have to shoot someone or even worse to initiate a war. Forget about the ethics for a moment, and focus on the effectiveness itself, shall you? What is the result?

The Lizard Squad, which literally played with both the PSN and Xbox Live, was actually promoting its DDoS tools. Now, just like you are buying a legit software or a book online, you can acquire a DDoS package, which can guarantee you down time for a certain server for no less than 100 seconds.

In addition, for an affordable price of just six bucks you can do such a nasty thing. If you want to eliminate a website for the period of eight hours, then you will have to pay $130. How about that for a change? They are selling DDoS attacks per kilos. Unbelievable. What is next? Renting viruses or Trojans?

Hacker’s Xmas


This is definitely not a Christmas story you want to hear at this time of the year. Yet, we have no other choice than to bring this one up. There was an unfortunate and unwanted Christmas break for the gamers on both Sony PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Microsoft and Sony have already apologized.

On the other hand, the Lizard Squad let us know that they are responsible for these attacks. There is no way, who has volunteered to save the day for gamers. The notorious Kim Dotcom has reached one of the most unusual deals in the entire cyber history. The Xbox and the PSN are safe and sound thanks to him.

So, what happened? Well, for what is worth, Kim has promised a free service of his brand new Mega server thing to the Lizard guys. In return, this group will forget about the Microsoft and Sony PlayStation gaming servers for a while or for good. That is not quite sure. The problem is solved. For now.

In the meantime, Sony has offered to give additional five days to the existing accounts to ease the pain. Who knows, maybe this is the fresh start of Kim Dotcom as the most unusual consultant in the matters of the cyber security. What can we say? Nothing but the very best for him and troubled Sony.

Sony Is Going To Make It Up For You


Great news, cyber boys and girls. Sony is going to make it up to you for the Christmas trouble. You will get extra five days on your account. We have already written about it. The hacker’s group called the Lizard Squad was responsible for the attacks on both PSN ans Xbox One network. No network. No game.

Do you have any idea, who has saved the day? One of the least likely guys you could have possibly expected. No more and no less, than Kim Dotcom himself had to intervene here. He has reached some kind of a deal with the Lizard Squad members. They will spare the PSN and Xbox One from future attacks.

Is this a complete surprise or what? What happened to a rule that a friend of my enemy is supposed to be my enemy by default? Kim Dotcom is a hero of this story. Maybe, this is the way how Sony should solve its problems with the Interview movie and the North Korean bad boy Kim Jong Un.

One more accidental hero for Sony can be the extremely controversial and influential Dennis Rodman. Perhaps he can change the color of his hair and the mind of his friend Kim Jong Un. Right now, Sony needs all the help it can get right now. No matter how the helping hand is covered in tattoos.