The US XP Army


There are up to 10,000 computers in the US Army, which still run Windows XP. It is not an easy thing, migrating such a huge and sensitive system to a new OS. Right? So, what are the available options? Well, for what is worth, the US Army would like to play around with the XP for at least one more year.

The grandpa Microsoft was extremely patriotic and helpful, for an appropriate price, of course. Because the XP is officially off the Windows support radar, the additional security patches cost approximately $200 per year. Have we forgotten to mention that this is a price for a single computer.

Now, you see what is the potential problem here. Here is another, even a bigger one. If you want to jump in the next year in terms of support, then you have to double your expenses. So, it is not $200, but rather $400 for a single computer. That means $4 million instead of $2 million. Is that right?

That is why, the US Army is looking for a third-party to take care of its precious XP for a more affordable price. Seriously? The entire defense system is potentially jeopardized, because of the price issue. Seriously? Something is not right here. What is the price of updating the XP with the Windows 8?

The 1st MS Security Patch In 2015


Well, hell, it is about time. Why did we have to wait so long? To tell the absolute truth, we do not have a clue. Yet, for what is worth, Microsoft has closed the security door opened by Google. To be quite honest, Google has not done anything wrong, it just warned about the serious security flaw in Windows 8.

On the other hand, Microsoft was obviously hit straight into its most serious nerve. Microsoft replied that Google worries too much about its competitors, rather and more than its own customers. Then, we had to wait for more than four months to get this security patch in order to have careless dreams.

At the same Google has troubles of its own with the Android 5.0, or better known as the Lollipop. However, it is obviously easier to deal with other people’s problems, than your own, isn’t it? In addition, Microsoft just could not have issued a security patch for a single issue, regardless of its seriousness.

So, what is going to happen now? Are we to expect that Microsoft is to strike back? How? Well, it can find some vulnerability in Google’s system in return. In the meantime, while these two IT giants play their vanity games, we the users, still have to tremble. Does it really have to be this way? For real?