The US XP Army


There are up to 10,000 computers in the US Army, which still run Windows XP. It is not an easy thing, migrating such a huge and sensitive system to a new OS. Right? So, what are the available options? Well, for what is worth, the US Army would like to play around with the XP for at least one more year.

The grandpa Microsoft was extremely patriotic and helpful, for an appropriate price, of course. Because the XP is officially off the Windows support radar, the additional security patches cost approximately $200 per year. Have we forgotten to mention that this is a price for a single computer.

Now, you see what is the potential problem here. Here is another, even a bigger one. If you want to jump in the next year in terms of support, then you have to double your expenses. So, it is not $200, but rather $400 for a single computer. That means $4 million instead of $2 million. Is that right?

That is why, the US Army is looking for a third-party to take care of its precious XP for a more affordable price. Seriously? The entire defense system is potentially jeopardized, because of the price issue. Seriously? Something is not right here. What is the price of updating the XP with the Windows 8?

Windows 10 Star Login


The Grandpa Microsoft has figured it all out. It will strike at the very heart of cyber darkness. Let us deal with those annoying and unreliable passwords, once and for all, shall we? How? Well, Microsoft has quite a few solutions for this one. Depending on the type of your device you can use some of the following.

The new Windows 10 security system can scan your eye or a fingerprint. On the other side, if you are worried that your device’s features cannot match the high profile scanning standards do not feel depressed. The Grandpa Microsoft has a solution even for the old devices with the new passwords.

If you cannot avoid a situation of having to deal with the inevitable passwords, then your device’s PIN additional authentication can ease the pain, at least for a little bit. So, all security troubles are solved with the Windows 10. All what is left for us to do is to sit and relax while enjoying the cyber ride.

Maybe, we can relax, but what about our poor old Grandpa Microsoft? What is going to happen with its business security? The crumbling pressure of the countless pirate versions and a stubborn army of outdated and also unsupported old Windows versions can easily ruin the whole party. Right?

Old Plugins. New Trouble.


It seems that the Microsoft’s troubles with the updates and lack of technical support for the older versions will eventually turn into an endless saga. For what is worth, Microsoft has been caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, there is not much it can really do about it in the first place.

On the one hand, we have loyal, but extremely stubborn Windows users, who are not eager to leave their XP, Vista or Windows 7 versions behind. On the other side, there is a crumbling pressure of the ever present cyber threat. The unprotected Windows has become the hackers’ Eldorado.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to block all old web plugins with the latest update in order to increase the level of cyber security. In addition, one very serious rumor has it that Microsoft is so desperate that it is willing to give away Windows 9 for free to XP users just to make them to leave it.

It comes without saying that this is a tricky situation for Microsoft. Which one hurts less? To lose Windows users or its flawless reputation as a cyber-threats-proof place. Oh, this is tough one, undoubtedly. They will need all rocket scientists, they can find to solve this puzzle successfully.

Windows XP An Open Source?


Are you ready to hear an interesting suggestion? It directly refers to the troubles associated with the lack of support for the XP users all around the world. Almost one quarter of all personal computers in the world still run on the XP. The users are stubborn, and Microsoft is extremely frustrated.

You are supposed to move to the new Windows version. However, for some reason you are still using the XP. Microsoft leaves you to be all on your own. The hackers are applauding to this unexpected opportunity to penetrate the systems more easily. Is there an acceptable solution for this situation?

Well, there are some voices saying that the “abandoned” XP should become an open source. This will allow the enthusiastic developers to develop the adequate updates and protection for this outdated OS. Are we too naive to believe that Microsoft will accept this kind of a bold suggestion?

The things are extremely serious with this one. Microsoft even examines an idea to offer free Windows 9 package to all XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. If there is no other way for them to switch to the newest OS version, why not? Under these circumstances the open source concept does not seem as such a bad idea.