Kingston DataTraveler + Eset Antivirus = ?


Ah, the good old days, when all new USBs used to come with the perfectly suited portable version of some popular antivirus. What happened in the meantime? Its majesty commercialization is to be held responsible in this case. So many invaluable chances for the improvement of our cyber security lost.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes can be extremely efficient to fight fire with fire. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a cyber security expert to know that the USB is one of the most common sources of cyber infection, do you? And, unfortunately that is only the beginning of cyber troubles.

According to the recent discoveries, we were able to find out about the malicious firmware and totally undetectable USB malware. It turns out that so many troubles can jump out the tiny device for your computer. Therefore, this can be a nice way for restoring the shaken trust among the USB users.

We sure hope that we will be able to see more of this USB and antivirus teaming up. The larger a certain mobile memory device is, the more serious antivirus should follow. Spread the word of the cyber security with each and any computer you touch with your USB. Do we have a more important mission than this one?

Happy Hour Virus


Although, this idea is not quite compatible with our efforts to fight the unprecedented economic crisis, we cannot neglect or ignore its originality and brilliance. So, what is this app all about? In case you an urgent day off, here is a quick and simple solution. This app will give exactly what you need.

You have a several visual simulation of some of the worst computer malfunctions for your screen. This is supposed to give you a nice excuse in order to make a quick disappearance from your office. Oh no, my computer is broken, I have to go home. This is a simplified option. There are some additional options.

You can use it as a prank as well. Yet, we do not recommend it to your friends, who have some weak heart issues. On the other hand, we have even a better idea. How about the cyber security version of the Happy Hour Virus app? This is supposed to be much more effective compared to a broken computer.

Your IT staff will allow you to move away from your office much more willingly, as soon as you report a virus attack. However, this is not something you should make jokes about. So much trouble for a single day off. How about calling your office and telling them that you are under a flu attack, for a change?

The Malicious Money Making Machine


Is it worth it? This is a simple question we are very likely to ask the hackers all over the world. Is it worth of all the risk? Apparently, it obviously is. The recent Symantec findings in this field have shed some additional light on this matter. It turns out that hackers move in the quite usual business ways.

They are in the constant search for the profit itself. Now, prepare yourself for the huge surprise. One Android bot network, which has more than 100,000 mobile devices under its direct control, cumulates more than $3 million net profit per year. How about that for the ground shaking change?

Can you imagine what it can do with 10 or 100 million infected mobile phones? We are talking about millions and millions of dollars flowing like rivers in the cyber world. It seems that the hackers are more alike modern businessmen, than the traditional idealists and anarchists hoping to change the world itself.

We have identified the primary motive for the hacker’s actions. Now, all we have to do is to ruin their malicious business. How? In the first place, we should increase the costs associated with their businesses by improving our cyber security measures. To decrease its profitability, in order to increase our security.

Beware WoW, Here’s The Cyber Blow!


What a bitter surprise. Is there nothing holy or sacred to the modern day hackers? They have dared to strike where it hurts the most. The very gaming world is under an attack, now. It turns out that the World of Warcraft players have to fight the most serious cyber enemy so far. The WoW Trojan has arrived.

This Trojan harvests all what is related to your WoW account in a smooth and undetectable way. In this game, there is no restart option. What is even worse, you cannot save your current position regarding your account and upload it later when it is more convenient for you. For instance, when this Trojan is long gone.

So, who is responsible to deal with this menace? The Blizzard or the players themselves? Here is a completely new level for you to play. It seems that we have to accept the fact that the hackers now move in the most unpredictable ways and in the most unusual cyber places, such as this one. Right?

Then, on the other hand, you simply cannot avoid asking yourself what is there for a hacker to gain from the gaming Trojan? Perhaps, this is our biggest trouble. We need to know what they are attacking in order to defend it properly, in the very first place. We definitely need some Cyber WarCraft warriors, that is for sure.

No Name Is (Never) To Blame?


We are in the good mood today. We are not going to keep you waiting. Here it is straight to the point. Here is the catch. You have better chances to prevent a serious malware attack with a non name antivirus software solution, than with a well-known brand name in the world of the top cyber security.

How could that be? Are you surprised or shocked? Or maybe, a little bit of both. There is actually quite a simple solution for this unusual phenomena. The hackers are doing their best to avoid the most popular and widely used antivirus software on the market. There is nothing wrong with your protection.

However, the malware in this case is specially designed to overcome the most common protection systems. Now you get it. The so-called no name software is not necessarily better compared to the major brands in this field. Nevertheless, these no name guys are not so heavily exploited as their well-known counterparts.

It turns out that the less likely paradox we could possibly think of is our best available protection. Yet, this could be a nice indication in which direction we need to change. Both hackers and cyber guardians do their best to move in the most unpredictable ways. Think about it. You may find it being extremely useful.

Cyber Ladies Will Save The World


There is something that the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the Microsoft itself know about the next cyber super weapon. Who could have thought that the solution to our cyber troubles comes on high fashion heels?

For what is worth, the growing number of female IT security experts is supposed to save the day. We are more than likely to expect an unprecedented demand for the new cyber security experts, especially the ones who prefer both top fashion and security codes. We have one more proof of our claims.

Microsoft has launched one of the biggest new talent program in India, with the special focus on young IT women. As a result, in the upcoming years Microsoft expects to build an army of one million IT ladies. No wonder, both the NPPD and the DHS share this enthusiasm for the new IT lady wave.

On the other side, we just cannot help ourselves wondering what could be the motivation for these unorthodox plans? It seems that women have some kind of a special cyber power, we are not quite aware about. Do not forget, one beautiful woman gave birth to the very first Trojan in our history.

From Russia With Cyber Love


If you want to be a true superpower, then you have to prove yourself in both real and cyber worlds. Take Russia for an indicative example. On the one side, we have the legendary Kaspersky Lab in the field of cyber security. On the other side, who do we have on the other side to represent the dark side?

How about the Sandworm Group? These Russian SF and cyber crime fans have definitely made their mark worth noticing. They were able to infiltrate into the very core Windows structure. And now, the entire Western Hemisphere trembles because of one tiny, but an extremely powerful cyber worm.

Now, you have it. All of the life changing knowledge, which can move the mountains being used for harmful causes. Does not this break your heart? There are some serious accusations that the Sandworm has the government’s support and logistics. Which government? Well you do not have to guess twice, do you?

On the other side, the funny thing in this story is that the USA accuses Russia for the same things it does with its cyber children. There is no safe place for us to be, is it? We wanted to rest a little bit from the horrors of the real world, but in vain. The cyber Ukraine is already waiting us there to haunt us.

When Enough Is Enough


It seems that the US financial institutions just enough. They are apparently sick and tired of constant and damaging cyber attacks. So, they have decided to do something about it. It may sound as some kind of a bad joke, but of all the business entities in the world, they can certainly afford it.

So, what they have done? The Soltra is born. It comes as the direct result of a special partnership between the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) on the one side and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) on the other side. Really impressive, indeed.

However, is it enough to ensure the adequate protection for the US finance engines? For what is worth, this is a remarkable change. It is not enough to take hands and dance in a circle hopping for the best. Yet, as soon as you join forces, resources and start information exchange you are on something serious.

The next step definitely worthy of our admiration would be to have the international financial security system launched as soon as possible. That would be something really special, wouldn’t it? If the hackers all over the world can easily unite and work together, so should we. No matter who we are and what we do.

Cyber Jihad


The FireEye has always one if its investigation eyes on the state sponsored and supported hacker’s groups. This time they eager to take us to Syria. What is happening down there? Allow us to introduce you with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which is also known as the Syrian Malware Team (SMT).

These talented guys, according to the depressive findings of the busy littke bees in the FireEye, are having the time of their lives while playing with the improved version of the BlackWorm. This one has an official title the Dark Edition, which is a funny thing to hear. Malware is supposed to be dark by default.

As you probably know the good old BlackWorm is actually the RAT or Remote Access Trojan. It is worth mentioning that the old version had some “basic” damage options such as restart and shutdown function. With the new and improved version you can do whatever you like. Sky is the limit.

You can mess up with the firewall. You can adjust the account’s settings to suit you. In addition, you can move through the network as if you are on the highway. It would be nice to find out where the Syrian bad boys are planning a party and who is on their menu list. Cyber Jihad. What a nice term with the bad karma. Indeed.

Heartbleed’s Heartrate


Here are some extremely disturbing Heartbleed related statistics. Nowadays, the Heartbleed hackers attack 3,47 times per second. So what, one may see? Well, the trouble with the Heartbleed curve is that this menace has become an inevitable race against the time, with the very poor odds in your favor.

Although, the time gaps and discretely opened doors are left open and undefended for a very short time period, this is more than enough for the highly skilled hackers. Before you are able to come up with the life saving update or patch, you can rest assured that your heart has already bled.

And, there is not much you can do about this one. You are doomed to race against the single second of time you have to identify and eliminate a certain security flaw. Now, you see the whole picture. Now, you realize why it is hard to deal with the Heartbleed security threat adequately.

After this amusing, but a little useless lecture, you can ask yourself what can we really do about it? Maybe, the smartest and easiest solution would be to make one of the former heartbleeders to bleed for us, for a change. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely that we win the one second race. For now.