Can a spam email eventually prevail? Well, that is entirely up to us. Let us see what our fellow users in the USA, UK, France and Germany are doing about it. First, let us deal with numbers, shall we? On the other hand, be prepared to accept an additional trouble in this story – the malicious URLs.

Yes, busy little IT bees the spam trouble strongly appreciates the company of the malware related URLs. If you are living in the UK and you get spammed, the chances are five to one against you that your spam will get you infected with malicious URLs compared with your friends in France or Germany.

The funny thing about this story, though, is that bad URLs do not go necessarily with bad emails. Therefore, in the UK the chances are bigger that you will get both spams and malware URLs. Nevertheless, in France and Germany you will get less spam in the first place compared to the UK situation.

What is happening with the USA in this spam story? Well, they are somewhere in between the UK and Germany/France statistical situation. While using your email in the USA you will get a little bit of both. So, where is the country where you can be spam and malicious URLs free? Any ideas?

London Business Bridge Is Falling Down


Finally, someone has realized what is going on. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know for sure how cyber attacks can seriously cripple your business. If you know, why do not you do something about it? This is an excellent question for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

According to its disturbing findings the so-called hacker’s taxes take £21 billion give it or take from the UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). You should also take into account that the average price for a skillful hacker’s attack in this case is somewhere between £50,000 and £100,000 per year.

So, what is wrong with this picture? You can do your best, but you cannot find the provider of the IT security services, who can charge you this much for an entire year. That is the moral of this story. Compared to the post festum damage the investment in an appropriate IT prevention is a symbolic one.

Then, how come we keep avoiding to make this very first affordable and necessary step? It is going to happen to someone else, but not me. I do not have time or resources to do it. I do not have qualified staff for these operations. It is time consuming. It is too expensive. So, what is your excuse?

Gmail And The Russian Winter


It seems that this year the Russian winter has come a little bit early for Gmail. It is hard to believe, but on one Russian online forum you can find more than five million Gmail users names and passwords. So, what are we supposed to say or think about this incident size of a small country?

Why? Is this some kind of a secret plan in the KGB style to “nationalize” the Russian users? The Russian government has a shinning Chinese example to get an inspiration from. Is this the next logical step? First, we had a demand to land all major servers on Russian soil. And, that was only the beginning.

You can forget about the privacy for bloggers and public network users in Russia. Windows has a shaky ground, as well. Apple can forget about the Russian market. And, now this. What is the point? If you are Russian forget about Gmail, and use the Russian version instead. What else to think?

Let us wait to hear what Google itself has to say about this one. For what is worth, the East, including both Russia and China does not love too much Google and its associated services. Is it too late to change something? What is going to happen with the five million disclosed Gmail accounts in Russia?

Malvertising, What Is That?


Yeah, what is that? It sounds so familiar, but we are not quite sure what is it exactly. Is malvertising a bad online advertising? For what is worth, any kind of online advertising is annoying and malicious from the users’ personal point of view. Yet, this is something completely different. What exactly?

Well, malvertising is something you get when malware and advertising fall in love. As a result, you got yourself a malware, which spreads almost like an advertisement. The most dangerous thing about this new method is the use of the legitimate software and ways to spread the malware content.

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning of bad news. Some of the most important major IT league players are involved unwillingly. Yes, the things are that much serious. Let us mention Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo. Is this enough to give you the unforgettable headache and sleepless nights?

So, what can we do about it? As always, to know is almost a half way to cure something. Now, we know where our enemy moves and how. This is supposed to be more than enough to do something about it. We only need to find someone skillful enough to do a proper and quick job. Right?

Collateral Nude Damage


Oh boy, just when you thought the trouble with the celebrity nude photos could not get any worse we heard about the new bad news. It seems that New Zealand had some serious issues with the Internet this weekend. The poor curious Kiwi guys just could not help themselves. They had to see them.

The nude photos of some of the most beautiful actresses in the world. The hackers were waiting for the thing like this one. What a nice opportunity to infiltrate malware and all kinds of trojans. And now you have it. The celebs are in tears, and the users covered with fears. This is a lose – lose situation.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself. So, what can we do about it? Both parties, celebs and we the plebs? Well, we should hold our horses and do our best to avoid the nude photos temptation. On the other hand, do not make movies and nude photos at the same time.

For what is worth, the hackers themselves have nothing to lose with this one. For them it is a clear win – win situation. As you can see some of the most powerful malware and trojan solutions feed on our vanity and voyeurism. Our human code is the strongest programming code. Unfortunately.

It’s Raining Cats, Dogs And Malware


You can rest assured that the cyber crime’s hand is a long one with surprisingly skillful fingers. When it comes to the modern day hackers you simply cannot exaggerate. However, this one is a little bit hard to swallow without the bitterness, even for the most pessimistic IT security pessimists.

We have completely neglected what is happening above our heads. The impressive army of weather satellites flies around carelessly and without the proper cyber defense on the ground. Yes, you heard that one correctly. Potential troubles in the sky may have solid ground origins and causes.

You may ask yourself, who in the world would try to hack the IT infrastructure of the weather satellites? And why? Better think twice. These satellites can come in handy for the spying purposes. You can do some spying and later offer your findings for a nice price. Does this one sound like a good hacker’s plan?

What can we do about it? Well, there is so much to do it. We should begin by paying some additional and absolutely necessary IT security attention in this field. You cannot control both bad weather and bad hackers, but you can certainly predict their actions. IT and weather security are all about proper predictions. Right?

Cyber Jihad


The FireEye has always one if its investigation eyes on the state sponsored and supported hacker’s groups. This time they eager to take us to Syria. What is happening down there? Allow us to introduce you with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which is also known as the Syrian Malware Team (SMT).

These talented guys, according to the depressive findings of the busy littke bees in the FireEye, are having the time of their lives while playing with the improved version of the BlackWorm. This one has an official title the Dark Edition, which is a funny thing to hear. Malware is supposed to be dark by default.

As you probably know the good old BlackWorm is actually the RAT or Remote Access Trojan. It is worth mentioning that the old version had some “basic” damage options such as restart and shutdown function. With the new and improved version you can do whatever you like. Sky is the limit.

You can mess up with the firewall. You can adjust the account’s settings to suit you. In addition, you can move through the network as if you are on the highway. It would be nice to find out where the Syrian bad boys are planning a party and who is on their menu list. Cyber Jihad. What a nice term with the bad karma. Indeed.

Goodwill Bad News


There is no such a thing as a good news in the world of IT security. As soon as you hear about the latest security breach, you are only offered with a choice how many people are being affected by it. This time Godwill was honest enough to admit that almost 900,000 credit cards related data are being stolen in almost 20 countries worldwide.

So, what is going to happen now? Well, you know the drill, don’t you. They are going to say that something is stolen, but no damage is actually being done. Should we trust them? What other option do we have? They say it is going to be fixed and under no circumstances will similar things happen again in the future.

Unfortunately, some of the well-known X Files techniques are to be applied, as well. If you cannot deny, then you have to find someone else to be blamed instead of you. In this case, Godwill believes that the third party vendors are to be blamed for the whole mess. Which is not a nice thing to say, and which also may be or not be entirely true.

Can you maintain a good mood after this bad news about the Godwill? Hard to say, but you still have to play. Maybe, we should appreciate the rare good news when we hear one that a major IT security threat or vulnerability has been prevented or solved successfully. How about that for a change?

The Phishers Are On The Run


McAfee Labs Threats Report for August 2014 has some bad news. It seems that phishing definitely pays off for the hackers all over the globe. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of our troubles. It may come as a surprise, but our beloved hackers are profit oriented mean machines. They are extremely careful when it comes to investing their time and resources.

If we are able to fix one weak IT security point, you can be rest assured they will look for the new one. On the other hand, if something works just fine for them, you can expect that they will stick to it including the inevitable improvements. This is exactly what happened to the phishing itself. This is the new El Dorado for hackers.

The trouble with the curve in this situation is that after a series of successful phishing activities the hackers will become even more patient. In addition, it is worth mentioning that they only need one good catch. No more. No less. One open door, and they can infiltrate the entire system before you even realize what happened.

Oh dear, what are we supposed to do? We have to remind you again that there is no successful phishing without your active participation. Therefore, better think twice before you follow certain link, open a suspicious email or visit a funny looking website. That is why it is so complex, because it is so simple. Right?

Japanese Air Force One’s Menu List


This is embarrassing. This is potentially extremely dangerous. This is a warning. Well, choose which one of these descriptions is the most suitable one for the following. The flight schedule of the Japanese Air Force One has been hacked. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what it means.

How about the US Air Force One, for a change? What a nice thing for the terrorist to have. What a strong motivation for the hackers to obtain such data. When it comes to this you are free to name your price. Sky is the limit, literally. Who or what is next? How about the government’s officials?

This is disturbing, at least to say. If you recall, almost one half of the South Korea population was hacked. We mean, the personal data about the dozens of millions of people. But, that is the same thing. Nowadays, you can hack the entire country, just like that. You can offer it in the black market.

Our brave new digital world is definitely a scary place. So, we need some cyber samurais to save the day in Japan as soon as possible. Otherwise, who knows where their Air Force One may land. Maybe, in China or North Korea. There are no untouchables for hackers. This is the lesson we need to learn here.