You’re In The Army Buddy


The Israeli army has new rules related to the proper use of social networks, while you are in the uniform. You are free to use Facebook and Twitter, including other similar media, but with the certain reasonable restrictions. Why all of this trouble with the armed social networks?

Well, you have probably heard that one reckless IS member had sent an invitation to US bombs with his reckless selfie. What you are going to do in your own free time is your thing. However, you should not jeopardize your unit’s position, including the complex and sensitive defense mechanism.

It is also worth mentioning that the same social networks can be used as a weapon. The Israeli army has one of the most sophisticated units for the cyber warfare in the world. That is why, we find a great deal of controversy in this specific do-or-not-do on social networks list.

We shall wait and see, how these newly imposed limitations are going to work for the cyber boys and girls in the Israeli army. Yet, there is some reason in it. You just cannot believe how many top military secrets we are ready to reveal so easily for a perfect selfie. Beware, because the enemy is watching.

Edward Please Go Back Home


Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ensuring Effective Discipline Over Monitoring Act. Are you confused with this sentence? In order to ease this task for you, we have bolded the most important letters. Your job is to get something meaningful out of it. Do you need more help?

How about the USA Freedom Act? Oh dear, it sounds so lovely and inspirational. What is it supposed to do? Well, for what is worth, this shiny document is supposed to work against the good men in black, who are doing bad things to our privacy. Is it going to be effective and enough?

We only wish that Edward Snowden was here to witness one of the very few acts, which aims directly at the NSA operations. This is an obvious acknowledgement that Snowden has been absolutely right all of this time. However, this is not going to save him from prison.

The world’s most famous whistleblower may never come back home. It is a hard thing to say, but that is not the most important thing. We believe that Snowden would have appreciated a hypothetical situation of not being able to recognize his home country thanks to this and similar acts.

Don’t Apple Watch And Drive


One driver had to pay a $120 ticket. What for? He was using his Apple Watch while driving. Obviously, the police does not like to see you look for a favorite song while being stuck in traffic. So, what is the moral of this story? New technologies brought us new troubles?

One of the police officers was a little bit more thoughtful in this matter. His word of advice is that we have to catch up with the new devices in terms of appropriate laws and regulations. We do not want reckless drivers on our streets. However, we also do not want to pay a huge price for our precious cyber-pets.

For the time being there is no acceptable middle ground for both parties. We are pretty much convinced that the authorities are exaggerating. On the other hand, the police officers on the field believe that the new smart devices strongly contribute to the reckless and dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

It seems that we have to come up with a new series of smart devices, which will be safe-drive-friendly. Until then, we should think twice before pressing shining buttons while driving. We do not want for smart devices put us in the dumb situations, do we? Do not Apple Watch and drive!

Bill & Ted’s Deep Web Adventure


If you are a huge Bill & Ted fan, then you definitely appreciate each and any rare opportunity to see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter together. Yet, how about a documentary? Can this work for you? At the same time, we have not quite used to see these hilarious team in some more serious roles.

Here is an unprecedented surprise for these two. Alex Winter took care of organizing a mind blowing documentary about the so-called Deep Web. On the other side, Keanu Reeves narrated the whole thing. The final results were really impressive. They went deep into the Deep Web, that is for sure.

As soon as you hear Keanu’s voice-over, you will get this unpleasant and cold Matrix feeling. When it comes to the Deep Web aka Dark Net, you cannot make a movie with a happy end. Nevertheless, it is unreasonable to treat this invaluable part of the World Wide Web with superstition and fear.

Our hats off to these two most unlikely cyber heroes. We loved them when they used to entertain us. We should appreciate when they are trying to warn us. Our ignorance is the worst enemy of both worlds the real and the virtual one. What is the Matrix? What is the Deep Web?

Spinning Out Of The Nuclear Control


There is one more than one serious rumor that the NSA messed up with the Iranian nuclear program, for real and with a success. All of that, thanks to the special stuxnet-style virus. Can you really hack someone’s nuclear facilities? Apparently you can. Do not forget the North Korea.

Do you really believe that the men-in-black in the NSA have not tried to take control over the North Korean nuclear reactors? Then, how come they have failed to “play” with the centrifuges of their reactors, just like they did in Iran? Well, being isolated has some interesting positive consequences.

How can you possibly launch a virus in the country, where there is no Internet, almost literally? The answer is, forget about it, because it is not going to work. On the other side, we have to say that this is a dangerous and reckless game played by the NSA busy little cyber bees. Why is that?

Do you also believe that the notorious North Korean Bureau 121 is not going to try to strike back? When you look at the things in this way, then the USA can look as a true candyshoop for the North Korean hackers. We do not even dare imagine the worst case scenario. How about you?

Hey Congress, This Is A Blackout


It seems that someone has just had enough of laws with lovely names for the media, but with the devastating consequences for the already compromised privacy. All cyber-eyes are on Congress right now. What is going to happen with a few quite notorious surveillance laws?

Both Freedom and Patriotic Act, in the name of our freedom and rights, ask from us to give up our privacy more or less, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, there are more than 1,000 websites and even more people behind them, who strongly believe that the days of greatest dangers are gone.

We have seen all kinds of protests. Some of them were quite simple and obvious, while others were surprisingly creative and complex. Can you protest with a code? This is exactly what is happening right now. Some busy little bees have come up with a brilliant idea to “block” the Congress.

Here is the catch. All users working or “coming” from the Congress will not be able to access quite a few websites. The only thing they will be able to see is a blackout message. Will it work? Time will tell, and in the meantime, this blackout protest is spreading like a wildfire all over the Internet.