Open Your Door Grandpa Microsoft


Why would grandpa Microsoft do such a thing? What kind of a door we are referring to? Well, we are eager to witness a moment when Windows will be treated as an open source code. Why? Well, this is supposed to improve its cyber security. Something is obviously wrong with this picture.

It is a bold and ear-catching claim to ask for an open source code Windows, but how grandpa Microsoft feels about it? If it is going to be free to access and alter, does it also mean that you can get it for free, as well? On the other hand, the strongest argument for an open source is improved security. How?

Allegedly, the new open source structure can help you to access Windows more easily in search for bugs and vulnerabilities. So, who is stopping you to do it right now? What about all previous successful bug bounty hunters? They did not ask for a permission, did they?

This is definitely a wrong turn for our troubled thoughts. Let grandpa Microsoft does its job the best it can. We do not need an open door, at all. If you want to improve Windows security and eliminate potential vulnerabilities, go on and earn some fair money. Grandpa Microsoft can be generous.

Hit The Spartan For $15K


Here is a new bug bounty in our cyber-town. Someone may say that our dear old grandpa Microsoft is desperate, but to us it looks as a thoughtful move. If you can find a vulnerability in the new IE called Spartan, the grandpa Microsoft will reward your cyber bug bounty with the $15,000 cash.

The new browser Spartan is supposed to be a crown jewel of the latest and brightest Windows 10. Therefore, Microsoft just cannot afford itself a luxury of going through an embarrassing and troubling security problem associated with the Spartan itself. Is this amount enough for the trouble?

Well, for what is worth, these are tough times for the professional cyber-bug-bounty-hunters. If you avoid a common trap of not being paid at all, in the first place, the best case scenario ends up with the $5,000. On the other side, this is the cheapest and the most efficient solution for Microsoft.

It is better to pay before a security failure escalates, than to heal it afterwards. Because, it is going to be much cheaper and significantly less painful for both Microsoft and its users. Our hats off to Microsoft for this bug bounty decision, which comes right on time. Bug hunters get to work. Right now.

The US XP Army


There are up to 10,000 computers in the US Army, which still run Windows XP. It is not an easy thing, migrating such a huge and sensitive system to a new OS. Right? So, what are the available options? Well, for what is worth, the US Army would like to play around with the XP for at least one more year.

The grandpa Microsoft was extremely patriotic and helpful, for an appropriate price, of course. Because the XP is officially off the Windows support radar, the additional security patches cost approximately $200 per year. Have we forgotten to mention that this is a price for a single computer.

Now, you see what is the potential problem here. Here is another, even a bigger one. If you want to jump in the next year in terms of support, then you have to double your expenses. So, it is not $200, but rather $400 for a single computer. That means $4 million instead of $2 million. Is that right?

That is why, the US Army is looking for a third-party to take care of its precious XP for a more affordable price. Seriously? The entire defense system is potentially jeopardized, because of the price issue. Seriously? Something is not right here. What is the price of updating the XP with the Windows 8?

Microsoft vs Pirates


It took grandpa Microsoft eleven years to shut down the pirate Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 source code. Better ever than never. Is that a new motto in an endless and epic fight against the online piracy? Or, maybe we are supposed to send a completely different kind of a message to the pirates.

No matter where you are, and no matter how long is going to take, we are going to get you, sooner or later, this way or another. However, the damage has already been done. What is there for Microsoft possible to gain? Some kind of a personal satisfaction in a constant pursuit after the cyber justice?

So many things are in the troubled mind of our dear grandpa Microsoft. Windows 10 is so much more than the latest OS. The pirate versions of the extremely popular and stubborn XP and Windows 7 OS systems are the self-eating cancer in the once very profitable Microsoft’s tissue, for real.

You just cannot shut down millions of computers all over the world, which are running the private versions, can you? On the other hand, you cannot pretend that business is as usual. Right? One pirate ship is down. The entire fleet is still around somewhere. Is grandpa Microsoft to tired to sail again?

The Deadly Window


The busy little bee called the Cylance come up with the disturbing discovery. It turns out that every single Windows version, including the Windows 10 Technical Preview, can be hacked and passwords easily extracted. How? Who left the window open for the hackers? What about Cylance’s discovery?

It is a weak comfort, but the grandpa Microsoft has already acknowledged the “mistake”, which allows you to control a device in an unprecedented way. How? According to the Cylance, all you have to do is to infiltrate a malicious link into the targeted computer. And voila, you are in the full control.

While Microsoft is already working on an appropriate security patch, we have a simple question to ask. Even the most sophisticated and deadliest viruses known to the cyber community need a helping hand from the inside. Unless you open a door yourself, there is no real danger of the cyber doom.

We are hopelessly obsessed with the harmful effect of a certain virus that we completely neglect, how we got infected in the first place. That is the catch we are neglecting so easily. Do not be an easy target for a newbie or an average hacker. This is something you can really do. How hard could it be?

Windows 10 Star Login


The Grandpa Microsoft has figured it all out. It will strike at the very heart of cyber darkness. Let us deal with those annoying and unreliable passwords, once and for all, shall we? How? Well, Microsoft has quite a few solutions for this one. Depending on the type of your device you can use some of the following.

The new Windows 10 security system can scan your eye or a fingerprint. On the other side, if you are worried that your device’s features cannot match the high profile scanning standards do not feel depressed. The Grandpa Microsoft has a solution even for the old devices with the new passwords.

If you cannot avoid a situation of having to deal with the inevitable passwords, then your device’s PIN additional authentication can ease the pain, at least for a little bit. So, all security troubles are solved with the Windows 10. All what is left for us to do is to sit and relax while enjoying the cyber ride.

Maybe, we can relax, but what about our poor old Grandpa Microsoft? What is going to happen with its business security? The crumbling pressure of the countless pirate versions and a stubborn army of outdated and also unsupported old Windows versions can easily ruin the whole party. Right?

Fight Fire With Fire


Poor old grandpa Microsoft. So many on its troubled mind right now. Windows 10 is ready to hit our devices with all of its features force. However, there are quite a few annoying strongholds Microsoft has to deal with first in order for Windows 10 to truly work. What is going to happen with the pirate versions?

There is an entire pirate’s paradise in China. We are talking about millions and millions of pirated Windows versions all over the world. What is going to happen with all of these people? Are they going to be left outside the latest and legitimate version? Is this the only way to solve this problem?

One serious rumor has it that Microsoft is about to do one least expected and quite an unprecedented thing. Windows 10 is going to open its doors with no prejudices at all. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the Windows pirates will be able to harbor in the safe legitimate waters with no consequences.

When you put it this way, it sounds almost like a fairy tale. Is it going to work, for real? Or maybe, it is actually quite a simple choice. If you cannot win them, then give them a free legitimate OS version. Right? We know grandpa Microsoft all too well. There is a catch with this one. We just do not know what it is.

Happy Privacy Day


Did you know that even the privacy has its own birthday? We are a little bit behind. Remember January the 28th. So, what are you supposed to do on that day? At least what you can do is think about the concept of privacy under the modern circumstances. What about the candles? Who is going to take care of them?

Who else, than our grandpa Microsoft. For what is worth, Microsoft has launched a privacy awareness campaign. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess, which date is going to be used as the official launching date, do you? OK, we have a birthday. Microsoft will take care of the birthday party.

It is time to wish something. So, what could be our privacy’s birthday wish? Now, we are obviously moving into the tricky terrain. Unfortunately, when it comes to the privacy the rule, be careful what you wish for – because it may become true and real, is not going to happen in this case by default.

Maybe, this is the only how it should be. We need to be reminded each year that our privacy is not something that is going to work all on its own. As a matter of fact, we need to have a privacy’s birthday every single month, but as to begin with, let us start with once a year, shall we? Just do not forget.

The Security Patch Wars


It all started when Google had published a report about one extremely security flaw in the Windows 8 system. Microsoft was furious. For them that was an obvious sign of practices, which cannot be treated as fair and positive in their nature. In its defense Google said that it has waited long enough.

How long exactly? Well, more than 90 days, that was for sure. There is an unwritten rule that you have to wait for 90 days before you go public with your security flaw discovery. Why? This is a time period left for the warned party to do something about it and come up with the proper security patch.

Then, Microsoft decided to fight back with an announcement about the security trouble with the latest Android 5.0, or better known as the Lollipop. In the meantime, Google has found some security risks in the IOS, as well. Huh, and there is more. Google has just published two additional Windows security risks.

What is there for us, the users? This war of security patches is supposed to improve our safety and privacy. Instead, all what is left for hackers to do is to sit and wait for the next I-found-something-wrong report. By the time the appropriate security patch hits the network, you can rest assured they will take an advantage of the situation.

Google Bug Whistleblower


What is happening with Google? It seems that they just cannot have enough of their a finger in the eye policy. What are we talking about? Well, the busy little bees in Google identify a bug in their competitor’s system. The worse it gets, the better it works for Google security experts. What is the next move?

They wait for 90 days and then they go public with their findings. This is exactly what happened with Microsoft. It was definitely a painful thing for someone to publish a detailed explanationnabout a bug in your system. This MS bug allows hackers to pay an unwanted visit to your Windows 8 at any given moment.

Now, Apple is in a similar situation. There is a similar bug in the OS. We also had the 90-day waiting period. The word about this bug is out. Just like with the Microsoft, in the previous case, Apple itself cannot do much about it. Actually, there is one thing to be done in this situation, which makes sense.

You have to come up with the appropriate security patch, haven’t you? That is the trouble. This is not something you can do in a blink of an eye. While you are waiting the users are trembling, and the competitors are celebrating. You can rest assured that your damage report at the end of the day is going to be a huge one.