Battle Of Britain


According to the latest Symantec cyber security report the UK was the most popular destination for hackers in 2014. Almost five in six large companies were under some kind of a cyber-attack, this way or another. So, what is this supposed to mean? What should we think about this particular information?

Well, this is a painful increase of more than 40% compared to 2013. Yet again, you simply cannot avoid asking a simple question. How can this be? Who is to blame for this embarrassing negative result? Believe it or not, we are ourselves the worst cyber enemies in the entire virtual universe. How?

It is quite simple, actually. This may come as a huge surprise, but it turns out that the hackers themselves are extremely lazy and profit oriented cyber-creatures. That means they would rather allow their malicious automatized systems to do all the dirty work. They are counting on you, for real.

The absolute majority of all cyber attacks and successful phishing schemes came from the surprisingly naive malicious emails. Unfortunately, the average business UK users were even more naive. Before you know it the entire business structure was infected and compromised. Enough said, isn’t it?

The Vawtrak Is On The Attack


The latest cyber monster, which is after your virtual money, has a name. The Vawtrak malware has begun with its global domination in Japan. So far, the serious estimates say that more than 100,000 computers have been infected. This malicious software follows your online banking transactions.

It has a simple goal. The Vawtrak transfers your money to the third party bank accounts. The users all over Asia have already lost more than hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, when we are fully aware about this financial danger, what can we do in order to eliminate it, for good?

You can rest assured that quite a few busy little bees in the cyber security sector work day and night on an efficient solution. As always, it is a merciless race against the time itself. The Vawtrak is moving from the West toward the East. How much time we have left before the real trouble?

As soon as it hits the cyber shores of Europe and the USA, we will be facing the completely new level of the cyber disaster. One important piece of the cyber puzzle is missing, though. No one told us, how all of those computers got infected in the first place. That is worth knowing. Is not that right?

Ridding The TrustWave


Who says that the most profitable transfers and takeovers in the cyber world are reserved for the luxurious world of social networks and apps. The Asian IT giant Singtel is to prove us all wrong. For what is worth, these busy little bees have decided to ride the TrustWave for a change. What is the goal?

Well, the TrustWave is one of the most recognizable names in the world of cyber security. This takeover was worth more than $800 million. Finally, someone has figured out that the IT security is both profitable and important. We dare to say that this is only the beginning of the eye-catching cyber security takeovers.

If you have not been secured, then how can you make profit in the first place? You want to cut costs and improve company’s efficiency, then there is no better and simpler way than through the cyber security field. Do you think that the Singtel paid too much for the TrustWave takeover? Seriously?

If you are one of those cyber bees, who think that the IT security is an unreasonable cost or even a luxury, then the next time your system gets infected you will realize how reckless was to have thoughts such as this one. Rest assured that the Singtel will make billions of dollars in the near future.

Apple Store – Antivirus No More


Yes, it is official cyber boys and girls. From now on, it will not be able to find a single antivirus app in the Apple Store. What is that supposed to mean? You are absolutely safe in the IOS environment. Or maybe, these countless apps are giving you the false and hazardous sense of cyber security.

Which one of these two options is the correct one? Maybe only one. Maybe both. According to the numerous surveys and analysis, both anonymous and fully transparent ones, the best way for you to improve your mobile security is to remove your antivirus app. Oh dear, then what is left for us to do?

This is not a good news for the hackers. This is a beginning of a serious evaluation of our current condition. Security apps are much more than a cozy way to earn money through advertising. Maybe, this is exactly what we need. One huge and systematic purge of the alleged antivirus and anti-malware apps.

What is left is supposed to be absolutely trustworthy and efficient. It is really hard to believe that we have so many reliable antivirus apps. The most likely situation is that so many developers have come up with an idea of attracting the attention with something that is only called an antivirus app.

Rent Your Own Cyber Lizard


Unbelievable. One more time we have realized that there is no such category called the dumb hacker. Why in the world, would you attack some of the most popular gaming networks during the Christmas week? It just does not make any sense. Unless. Unless, you are promoting yourself, for real.

Let us put it this way. If you are making weapons, what is the best possible way to promote your products? Oh dear, you either have to shoot someone or even worse to initiate a war. Forget about the ethics for a moment, and focus on the effectiveness itself, shall you? What is the result?

The Lizard Squad, which literally played with both the PSN and Xbox Live, was actually promoting its DDoS tools. Now, just like you are buying a legit software or a book online, you can acquire a DDoS package, which can guarantee you down time for a certain server for no less than 100 seconds.

In addition, for an affordable price of just six bucks you can do such a nasty thing. If you want to eliminate a website for the period of eight hours, then you will have to pay $130. How about that for a change? They are selling DDoS attacks per kilos. Unbelievable. What is next? Renting viruses or Trojans?

Kingston DataTraveler + Eset Antivirus = ?


Ah, the good old days, when all new USBs used to come with the perfectly suited portable version of some popular antivirus. What happened in the meantime? Its majesty commercialization is to be held responsible in this case. So many invaluable chances for the improvement of our cyber security lost.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes can be extremely efficient to fight fire with fire. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a cyber security expert to know that the USB is one of the most common sources of cyber infection, do you? And, unfortunately that is only the beginning of cyber troubles.

According to the recent discoveries, we were able to find out about the malicious firmware and totally undetectable USB malware. It turns out that so many troubles can jump out the tiny device for your computer. Therefore, this can be a nice way for restoring the shaken trust among the USB users.

We sure hope that we will be able to see more of this USB and antivirus teaming up. The larger a certain mobile memory device is, the more serious antivirus should follow. Spread the word of the cyber security with each and any computer you touch with your USB. Do we have a more important mission than this one?

Happy ATM Monday


Our new trouble has a name. It is called the Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin. Thanks to the busy little bees from Kaspersky Lab and the Interpol, we know that even the good old ATMs are not excluded from the malicious cyber intentions. With so many online opportunities for stealing money, who wants to be an ATM millionaire?

For what is worth, even the ATM can get infected with an efficient malware. This one empties an ATM in less than an hour. The funny thing about the way it operates, though, is that it allows you to withdraw the money at the very specific hour on Mondays. Why? No one knows for sure, but this is how it needs to be done.

We are not directly influenced as the ATM users. However, how can you feel confident when the financial system is not fully secured? Although, we do not love too much our banks and other financial institutions, we should not find joy in their misery. Who knows, we may easily turn out to be the next direct target?

Unfortunately, everything electronic can become extremely problematic. That is the hacker’s law. This should be an invaluable lesson for all of us. WE should not allow ourselves a luxury of thinking that there are machines out of hacker’s reach. Poor old ATMs, we should do something to protect them.

Nuremberg Star


The biggest European IT security fair takes place each October in Nuremberg. If you care about the cyber security and Europe is your cyber neighborhood, you should definitely pay it a visit. If you want to hear something different, pay attention to the following story. You will be surprised.

Who says that big security names have to necessarily deliver the top cyber security solutions? On the other hand, we had a nice chance to witness the arrival some of the most unusual partners in crime. One Japanese and one Serbian IT security companies have teamed up to shake the cyber ground.

Their Tower Netdefender is an inspirational cyber bodyguard. It is very reasonable when it comes to the process requirements. On the other side, it is a fully automatized system. You can Google about the other relevant security features. We would like to use an opportunity of pointing out something else.

We have two partner companies from half across the globe, which have found a way to communicate in this matter. Quite successfully and efficiently. This should be something to follow and apply all over the world. Till the next time in the Nuremberg, and some new creative cyber partnerships and solutions.

Mobile Games, Real Pains


Time for some Kaspersky Lab reports. You know how it goes, don’t you? After reading one, you can write off your day, because you will feel terrible for a good reason. This time the Kaspersky Lab has teamed up with the Interpol itself to draw our attention to some malicious mobile things happening in our neighborhood.

If the mobile users in your country are getting used to pay for various services on a huge scale, then you should be aware of the SMS Trojans for a change. These bad boys make you pay for the services you have not ordered in the first place. One in five smartphones gets some of these unwanted guests at some point in time.

So, what is the moral of this report? Follow the cash flow, and you will be able to see where a certain malware is very likely to strike next. It sounds simple, but somewhere on the mobile phone line, we got lost in translation. Our ignorance and reckless behavior are our worst enemies in the cyber world.

Until the next Kaspersky Lab report and some new how-to-ruin-your-mood discoveries. We hope that this next report will not catch by a surprise. It would be a nice thing to witness something like, oh I knew about this one and I am so lucky it has missed me. This was the best case scenario. How about the other one?

I Am The Moderator!


So, how do you think the system works? We are talking about the immense content sea of the social networks. You think that you have seen it all, don’t you? You take the situation on the modern social networks for granted. You do not like what you see. Well, without moderators that would have been a living hell.

According to some very reliable urban legends and unreliable rumors there is an entire army of literally hundreds of thousands of social network moderators out there. Most of them are freelancers from the third world countries. For a couple of hundreds of dollars per month you get the top class human filter.

Thanks to these busy little bees we have a unique chance to enjoy ourselves in the cleaned version. Do not you even dare to ask what had to be eliminated during the process itself. All for your pleasure and convenience. Why? Because the good old Facebook does not want to upset its users too much.

If so, how come we do not have hundreds of thousands of cyber security moderators? Well, that is more costly. In addition, from the provider’s point of view, this is a completely different thing. The one he is ready to pay for, only when something bad happens. Poor busy little bees, they fly only in one direction.