Airlines Grounded For Cyber Security Reasons


It is not a joke. Not so long ago the flight schedule of the Japanese PM was hacked. Even worse, it was offered to the black hacker’s market. Do you remember how in one of the Superman movies all oil tankers were unwillingly brought together in the middle of the ocean as a result of hacking?

Well, who says we cannot do the same on the sky? Can you believe that more than 40% of all leading airlines do not have a plan nor effective strategy in terms of cyber security? Why? Maybe, they spend too much time flying and they do not have time to deal with the mother earth related problems such as the cyber attacks.

You can hack whatever you want. We can deal with that scenario. But, what about hacking a plane? There is nothing romantic about it. You are not going to make your own version of the Lost, once your plane hits the ground. And, there will not be any superhero including the Superman to rescue you.

Of all the cyber places in the world the airlines’ IT infrastructure should be the most secured ones. Can you accept the 40% chance for a cyber attack, while you are on the plane? You have greater chances to suffer from the cyber than the terrorist attack while flying. Think about it for a change, will you?

Simplicity Atrocity


The hackers do not move in mysterious ways. They prefer simple and effective methods. What is the best way to obtain a private information? Well, all you have to do is call and ask, as simple as that. Or, even better. Just leave a message and your victim will get back to you. Even simpler. Right?

Well, for what is worth, the latest phone scams leave you the extremely realistic messages. Something like, your credit card reports some unusual activities, please contact our support and provide all necessary data. You are already panicking, and you do not have time to think twice about your call back.

They are counting on your fear. This is a reasonable reaction to the unreasonable consequences. Before you know it, you have said all there is to know about you to a complete stranger with some dishonest intentions. So, what can we really do about it? Are we completely helpless, or there is still hope?

Always think twice before you push the panic button in your head. Do not call the suggested number right away. Call the HQ or make some additional inquiries. Surprise your friendly neighbor hacker with your patience and reasonable decision during the hard time. Difficult, but definitely worth a try.

I Am The Cyber Law?


Yes, we have modified the timeless movie line used by the Judge Dredd. You can rest assured that it is more than appropriate for our story. For what is worth, and it is worth a lot, the UK Government has launched a course about the cyber security especially designed for lawyers and accountants.

Well, no need to wait any longer, our hats off to this invaluable initiative. Someone has obviously put a finger on his forehead and said to himself, let us do something that truly works. Let us focus on a certain group and improve their awareness about the cyber threats and how to successfully protect from them.

We sure hope this will become a tradition, which will include more professionals not only from the legal and accountancy field. When it comes to the cyber security the proper prevention is the key. Just imagine how important the potential savings can be in this field. Better to pay for prevention than a cure.

Or, let us be a little bit more precise with this one, shall we? It is always better for an affordable cyber prevention, than to spend huge amounts for the expensive cyber cure, including the aftermath sanation process. There is a cyber law and cyber accountancy, but this is something completely different.

Amazon Cyber Pirate Bay


Who are the hackers, actually? The ugly, dirty and bad cyber freaks. Or, maybe you should leave your prejudices aside. Here is an additional and more appropriate definition. Nowadays, the modern hackers are the educated fools with the money on their minds. For some reason, they have embraced the dark side.

And, this is how we ended up here. In the midst of the unparalleled cyber terror. Here are some new moments to add to the existing trouble. The modern hackers have become extremely sophisticated and surprisingly patient. They plan and execute some of the most vicious actions in the long run.

The trouble with the curve in this field is that the recent attacks take the legitimate form. Did you know that almost 20% of all known cyber vulnerabilities and threats come from the Amazon Web Services. How? Well, they have found a way to become a part of the legitimate IT infrastructure.

What is the moral of this story? Our good old friendly hacker neighbors have evolved. So, we should too. Until is too late. The last thing we need it be ridiculously outdated. We should also find an IT security man to plan and fight in the long run. New circumstances call for the new solutions. Right?

Bello: An Unpleasant Hello


One of the most prestigious universities in the world has just been hacked. The IT department of University College London has announced or better to say admitted that almost 25,000 students and staff member emails got spammed and compromised. That is not a lesson you want to teach your students.

All the troubles started with a simple Bello in the spam emails. How come none of the youngest and brightest students could not see it coming? Well, you do not expect a spam email from the University’s President or the top managers, do you? So, what happened to the top IT security standards?

When you are on the top, you are supposed to be on the top of many things, including the cyber security, as well. These types of institutions are all about the prestige. Why risk it all for an appropriate software solution, which could have prevented it in the very first place? That was a simple question.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to ensure the proper cyber protection. All you need to do is to do some thinking on time, and to include some preventive measures. There is no point crying your academic tears over the spilled cyber milk. You need to make sure it does not happen again. Right?

Symantec 1 & Symantec 2


Hey, what is happening? What is the meaning of all this? First, HP and Symantec decides to cut it in two. Why? Wait, we can understand what is happening with HP, but how about Symantec? HP Inc will deal with computers and printers. On the other side, HP Enterprise will focus on servers and Internet services.

Now, let us see what is the Symantec’s master plan? The first Symantec will handle the IT security stuff, as usual. The other, second, remaining, or call it what you want Symantec will be focused completely on the information management. Here is the catch. Does this mean there is no use to provide IT security services anymore?

Can you imagine a thing like the Kaspersky Lab and Kaspersky coffee? Enough is enough, and we demand to hear some answers. What is the use of information management, if you cannot ensure the protection of this information? For the sake of all of us, we sure hope Symantec knows what it is doing.

Huh, after these splitters, how about some mergers for a change? We are supposed to grow and combine, rather than to split. There is no way we are going to buy that this one will improve our security. What a lovely news for the hackers. They are definitely not into this splitting stuff. There is no malware cut in two. You always get the whole thing.

Thank You JPM, It’s Time For Our Next Snack


Once you try the flesh of the major financial institutions, there is no coming back to where you used to hack before. This is exactly what happened with the group, which paid an unexpected visit to the JPMorgan. And, they are after for some more VIP financial blood. This does not have to be necessarily all bad.

Why? How can we say such a thing? Well, there is some poetic justice in this one. No matter what kind of cyber tools they use, our good old friendly hackers are still the human beings. And, they get infected with the greedy virus too, sooner or later, this way or another. What more can we expect?

For what is worth, the hackers have started to mess up with the wrong guys. These institutions can afford themselves a luxury of hiring the very best cyber security experts. They make the money. They can make some extra to fight back with the vengeance. Now, let us see what happens in the aftermath.

This is how it works. You do not do something for real, unless the trouble knocks at your door. In the clash between the financial wizards and cyber crime master minds, you know who is going to prevail eventually, don’t you? We sure hope it is not going to include some collaterals. In both finances and among us.

Huge Breaches – Small Awareness


OK. You do not have to read our or any other security blog to know what is happening out there. It is a nasty and merciless world of the cyber pain. Yet, you should know some basics. Right? How about some of the biggest IT security breaches in the recent history? If you forget it, then what is going to happen?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that these unpleasant things will happen again. More than 77% of people in the USA are completely unaware of the eBay, Home Depot or Health Clinics data breaches. Does it really have to happen to you or your loved ones so you can start paying attention?

Maybe that is our worst cyber enemy, our ignorance and reckless behavior. We behave in a way all hackers in the world can only wish for. Millions and millions of people get affected on a daily basis. Yet, we have the careless days of our lives somewhere at the end of our cyber rainbow.

What is the alternative? Should we act as the android paranoid? That is not a solution. For what is worth, you should read some other news sections besides the sports, celebrities and finances. One minute of cyber awareness can save you at least one year of crumbling cyber pain. Enough for you?

Why Does My Linux HeartBleed?


If you thought that the HeartBleed has been the worst thing that can happen in the cyber world, you should better think twice. Why? Because we thought that the Linux was supposed to be the cyber land of the free. Wrong again. There is a HeartBleed version designed especially for the Linux world.

This vulnerability has a very nice and appropriate name. It is called the ShellShock. Compared to it, our good old HeartBleed seems like a kid’s toy. If you are up to full and unprecedented control, then the ShellShock is the right hacking thing for you. With this one you get the both worst scenario things.

Not only the keys to all rooms of your house, but also all remote controls for all of your devices. So, where should we go next? Both Windows and Linux are seriously compromised. The only what is left “untouched” are the mobile platforms, such as Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Is this enough?

How long before our mobile heart begins to bleed here, as well? How long before we experience the new mobile shock within or outside the shell? Can we fight the future for a change, at least once? How hard could it be? Otherwise, the only reasonable remaining option for us would be to get back in the caves.

Call Of Cyber Security Duty


No matter how hard you try, it seems you cannot unlock the mind of a hacker. Why? Well, you can try to predict the certain type of behavior, but they keep surprising you with the things they steal or hack. Here is a controversial case of the cyber theft, which makes it almost impossible to put all pieces of the puzzle together successfully?

So, what happened? It turns out that an extremely skillful hacker has paid a devastating and uninvited visit to both Xbox One and US Army systems. He or she, or eventually them, get into the possession of the Apache helicopter simulation program. Including the pre-release of the latest Call of Duty game.

The estimated value of these stolen goods, which can be classified as the top intellectual property stuff, is more than $100 millions. On the other hand, you can stop wondering. It makes a perfect sense that someone would like to steal the simulation program for one of the best military helicopters in the world.

However, what is with the Call of Duty pre-release? Maybe, our hero needs to relax after the hard work in his office? For the makers of this planetary popular game, this is not a funny story. In the real life hacking is not a video game. Once you end up in jail, you cannot restart the game from the beginning.