Walking On The Edge Of Security


We know it already. We know it all too well. Grandpa Microsoft throws all it has at shiny and new Windows 10. There is a paradise at the end of the Windows 10 rainbow, waiting for all of us. You can even play Candy Crush Saga once you get there. However, grandpa Microsoft is an extremely experienced cyber-road warrior.

It knows that all of our expectations and demands can come and go, easily, but one is to stay and play. The cyber security will patiently wait for its audience turn. Perhaps, this is the very reason grandpa Microsoft had promised us that the new Internet Explorer (aka Edge (aka Spartan)), will solve all of our security troubles and doubts.

We should not walk on the edge of cyber security with the Edge itself. Never again. Should we buy it, both Microsoft’s claim and product itself? Should we try it? We sure hope that the busy little bees in Microsoft do not treat Windows 10 promotion as an election year.

Otherwise, Windows 10 can easily end up as an unsuccessful political experiment where the overwhelming disappointment of its users ruined the party. Therefore, MS Edge has to be a true work of art in terms of cyber security, or else… Grandpa Microsoft you know the consequences, don’t you?

Develop or Buy, Buy or Cry?


Should you develop your own fully customized cyber security solution, or rather simply buy an existing one? There is a third option, as well. You can adapt some solution, you have previously acquired. All options are free to use and explore. Just like there is no answer for this puzzle.

As always, it all comes down to your choice and inner voice. Do not waste your time looking for a universal advice, because you are going to end up in a huge disappointment. Maybe, we have moved in the wrong direction all of this time. Here is an additional explanation for this claim.

Do we really to trouble our brain over this unnecessary dilemma? The real question is quite a different one. What are you waiting for? Do you really need to think twice before introducing an appropriate solution, which may or may not be tailored to our specific needs? If this is a case, then what?

Then, you have already left an open door for the hackers. Then, you have lost a right to complain. While you are wondering what to do, the hackers are deciding where to attack. It is more than obvious that cyber security is not a place for philosophers, nor for dilemmas, such as to be or not to be my cyber security.



Is there such a thing as the Android Armageddon? Is it possible, in the first place? Well, you should not raise your eyebrows. We are not talking about the SF movie, but rather about the real life situation. So, what needs to happen in order to reach the cyber Armageddon requirements?

Believe it or not,  according to the numerous cyber security experts there is a high level probability that the unimaginable DDoS attack of epic proportions may easily hit Android infrastructure, any moment now. How can this be possible? Is this an exaggeration?

Well, the unprecedented development in the Android field represents a strong encouragement for all bad Android boys and girls. You have a mobile OS, which is predominant in more than 90% of all smart devices. In addition, we are talking about the billions of potentially vulnerable devices.

As you can see our cyber stage is set for the worst case scenario. You do not have to wait too long for the volunteers, who are eager to build their hacker’s fame on the ruins of once powerful Android empire. Are we going to just sit and wait for Android Armageddon to happen?  

Through Congress To Security Progress


It may sound a little bit unorthodox, but in the world of cyber security a debate is actually a positive thing to witness first-hand. So, who has a responsibility of pushing the security things in the right direction? Some fingers pointing impatiently and with expectations in the Congress’ direction.

Do we really need a legislative “motivation” to improve the security standards associated with our credit cards and available online payment solutions? As you might have guessed from the enclosed picture in this post, there is no opinion free of dispute nor controversy.

Business representative would gladly accept the push from the Congress in this field. On the other side, the busy little bees behind the cyber security industry are surprisingly up to a more flexible approach. Why? If there is a law, there has to be some responsibility, as well. Right?

We sure hope that the hackers will not take an advantage of this ridiculous situation where two sides are arguing over a simple and painfully obvious thing. You do not have to go to Congress, in order to achieve security progress, do you? Or, maybe there is no other way?



The ads are annoying. The ads are running your good mood. Yet, the notorious world of ads can be surprisingly innovative when attracting your attention is an absolute must for their basic business survival. Now, put some of the adult websites into this story and what do you get as a result?

The worst case scenario, that is for sure. If you can help yourself against the overwhelming online porn impulses, then you should be fully aware of the most recent changes in this field. It turns out that as soon as you visit some of the adult website you are already “adoomed” before you know it.

What is that supposed to mean exactly? Well, in order for your system to get infected with the ads you would not consider looking under the normal circumstances, you do not have to interact with a certain adult website. The simple visit is all what is required. And unfortunately, that is only the beginning.

These ads are going to be patient for a while before launching their merciless campaign of an endless annoyance. It seems that the bad-ad-boys did a proper homework. In case, you are already wondering how to get rid of these ads, we have to warn you. This is a hot topic for one of our next posts.

Cisco New Malware Disco


The busy little bees in the Cisco security department have an intriguing new concept for us. Are you eager to hear it? On the other hand, is there something we can do in order to radically improve our current cyber security situation? For real? We are not talking about the cosmetic changes.

Well, it is supposed to be, according to Cisco. This new guy-in-cyber-town is called the “layered defense”. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out with no additional explanations, do you? The only thing we are not quite certain about is the very structure of this layered cyber defense.

What is Cisco’s masterplan with this one? Are we talking about the cyber defense, which is structured and organized in a couple of rings? Or, maybe Cisco plans to introduce a principle, where the best is being saved for last. This means that your strongest security component will be activated at the end.

For Cisco, the things just could not be possibly simpler. Your worst nightmare malware can knock down a couple elements of your defense, but definitely not all of them. Yet, this is an extremely optimistic presumption that your layered defense is going to hold on till its very last line. Right?

XSS Bugs On WordPress Leaves


What is the thing between numerous bugs and the WordPress? You cure one, but before you know it the next one jumps in. The latest one is associated with the DOM or the Document Object Model, which gives the XSS cross-site scripting trouble in return. What is the cause?

Well, this bug was an unexpected “gift”, which was introduced with the WordPress 4.2.2. We do not claim to be WordPress gurus, but from what we have heard this update eliminated all non-critical HTML files. Could they have predicted that these operations would cause so many problems?

What kind of problems, exactly? First of all, in order to create a living hell for a certain website, you only need to be a registered user. In return, you could easily host all kinds of malware attacks, influence financial transactions or simply take over the entire website. Let us stop here.

There is no crystal ball for developers. However, you have to devote some of your precious time for predicting the most possible outcomes. Even the worst case scenarios. That would also mean less stress for the WordPress, as well. Or, how about some effective cyber insecticide for all of these bugs?

Banzai! Kamikaze Virus!


Here it goes. We have a bad and a less bad news for you. Why do you look so surprised? Take this innocent look off your face. Right now. There is no such a thing as a good news in the heartbreaking world of cyber security. So, which one of these two, you want to hear first?

Let us start with the bad one. There are some really nasty cyber guys, called the Kamikaze Viruses. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what these malicious busy little cyber bugs are all about, do you? They destroy both themselves and your computer as well. So, what now?

The only positive thing in this situation is that there are not too many of these killers. They are simply too bad for the business. What is the use for a hacker, if he or she kills your machine straight away? However, this does not mean that you will not hear banzai at some point in time.

So, what can you do about it? Buy yourself a new cyber ride. What else? In the meantime, think twice before you open a suspicious attachment. Yes, cyber boys and girls your own private Kamikaze Virus is not going to come out of the blue. You will hear gentle knocking on your door.

White House And Black Cyber Laws


In order to protect you properly, we need to spy on you enormously. Does this sound like a fair or a win-win scenario to you? The White House is a breath away from passing the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. So, what is the catch with a new member of the numerous cyber laws family?

Well, to make the long story short, we will get more surveillance in an exchange for the better cyber security. It seems that our government just cannot get enough of additional authorizations. One fine day, we will not need laws in this extremely controversial field.

Why? Because, every single moment and every available square inch are going to be covered by the state’s surveillance, this way or another. We have every reason to believe that we are not going to make it to the 2084 in order to have a proper anniversary. Are we being too much pessimistic?

Ask Edward Snowden for a second opinion, because he certainly has a lot to tell you about it. In the meantime, there is no other comfort for you than a timeless NSA advice. If you have nothing to hide, then there is nothing to worry about. Seriously? Is that all we are left with?

What’s Your EarPrint?


If there is an eye-catching thing, do you accept a possibility of being attracted by an ear-catching stuff, as well? In addition, if there is a fingerprint security solution for your smartphone, they why there should not be an earprint security check for it, as well? So, what are we talking about?

Well, it is quite simple. Just let your imagination do all the hard work. Imagine a smartphone, which will automatically unlock itself as soon as you put it next to your ear. Would not that be a historic moment? We know what are smartphone addicts going to ask us next. How about you?

Is an earprint the same as a fingerprint, in terms of security, of course? Well, according to the scientists, our ears are as unique as our fingers, in terms of a printed signature they leave behind. Now, you get it. This can really be a cozy feature, which is easy, reliable, and safe to use.

Our hats off to the brilliant and innovative guys behind this solution. This can really be a turning point in the development of the next generation of modern smartphones. Be careful what kind of earrings you use, though. You already know why, don’t you? Your smartphone may not like it.