Permissions = Troubles


Here is how the absolute majority of all cyber troubles begins for us. We like to install new apps. We hate to check a permissions list. You either do not have time or nerves to do it for each app you are about to install. Some busy little bees have done us a huge favor. Check out the infographic we included in this post.

Does this ring a bell? As you can see, it is not such a big deal, if an antivirus app asks for dozens of permissions. We can see a reason in that. In order to work properly an antivirus software needs to move freely inside your smartphone. Right? It would be crazy to deny or limit the full access for this app.

However, we are really having some difficulties in understanding why some of the most popular social network apps demand the wide scope of authorizations. For example, you have Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype, which literally breathe down the neck of any antivirus app in the number of required permissions.

As always, it all comes down to you and your choices you have to make, this way or another, sooner or later. If a certain app asks too many and quite unusual permissions, then you have to ask yourself for a moment, do you really need this app, in the first place. Too many permissions. Not enough privacy.

Don’t Click!


As simple as that. And yet, you just cannot believe how successful a phishing season can be on Facebook. We are helplessly reckless and surprisingly impulsive. We tend to follow calls for help or action with no serious consideration. As a result, our passwords are being offered on a hacker’s plate.

So, how does this malicious system work in the real life? First, you get a heartbreaking message that you have to follow a certain link so your friend can do this or that. You say to yourself, how hard can it be? No harm in that. So, you hit a button, and the next thing you know you are on a phishing website.

It looks like a Facebook official page, but you can rest assured it certainly is not. And, you disclose your password with a hacker behind this entire operation just like that. We do not have to say to you what is going to happen next with your Facebook account, do we? So, did you get the message?

Before you click, you should blink, at least twice. Otherwise, there is no security system in the world, which can save you from the phishing net. Right? Before you accept someone’s friendship request or follow this link request, you should really give it a serious thought. How hard could it really be?

What’s Up WhatsApp?


If you see something like this on your smartphone’s screen in English, or some other more suitable language for the users in your own country, then you should think twice about your next most likely action. Why? For the time being, we have not heard a thing about the most recent WhatsApp update.

This is a simple and very costly Internet scam. Even if there is such a thing as the WhatsApp, its notification will certainly will not include these eye-catching and warning colors, including the payment option for it. Therefore, the best things online are still free. In most of the cases, more or less.

How come there quite a few WhatsApp users, who allow themselves a luxury to become victims of these humiliating Internet fraud schemes? Well, for hackers the business is as usual. Their most trusted ally and most profitable partner in crime is undoubtedly is our reckless and irrational behavior.

So, we sure hope that the next time when you ask your WhatsApp what is up, you will not get a notification such as this one. Can we blame the WhatsApp or your Internet provider for all the trouble? No, in this case, no. This is something you should ignore from the very first moment. WhatsApp something else.

Facebook 2015


This year is definitely going to be a crucial one for Facebook. Why? On the one side, we have a new privacy policy, which is going to shake the ground of social networks, for sure. On the other hand, there is a huge legal trouble on the Facebook horizon. So, what is this supposed to mean for us and Facebook?

Well, if Facebook can hit these two birds with one stone, then the shinning and promising future is guaranteed. On the contrary, if the users are not thrilled with the new privacy policy and the lawsuits against Facebook are to be successful, then Facebook will have to prepare billions of dollars and throw them directly into the fire.

Scanning users’ private messages for the advertising purposes is still not a legal activity in California. That is why all successful lawsuits, which are protecting our privacy, are very likely to be “rewarded” with at least $10K per user. Is this enough for Facebook to be dead worried about the situation?

They can afford it, that is for sure, this way or another. But, Facebook will have to change something about the way it runs its business and treats its users. That could be a good thing to start the new year. Right? Otherwise, Facebook will discover the completely new meaning of the word privacy. 

Facebook vs Russia


We have to admit that this post’s title is not quite accurate or appropriate one. Why? There is no conflict between Facebook and Russia. At least not the one we are aware about. You know that tensions are high over the Ukraine crisis. One of the latest news includes Apple new position in Russia, for example.

You cannot get an iPhone directly in Russia, among other things. If you are into blogging stuff in Russia, you need to register and use your full name. The trouble with the Facebook in Russia is both different and specific in its nature. It seems that there is a Facebook virus, which specifically targets Russian users.

Is this a nice introduction for the conspiracy theory fans, or what? You are probably thinking about the CIA or the NSA virus, which likes to attack only Russian Facebook users. We have to emphasize that the Facebook itself is not the only nor the most important social network in the Russian region.

We have more than one so-called national and local social network in Russia. Maybe, some Russian top secret agency is working against Facebook. Who knows for sure? Either way, Facebook has to do something about it. When it comes to the social networks all users are equal. Right or wrong?

Facebook Me Your CV


It is not a secret or a surprising news that nowadays employers demand or look for the social network links in the candidates’ CVs. Well? There are two groups of perfectly logical reasons for this decision. On the one side, there is so much we can find out about a future employee from the social networks.

Probably we are revealing too much on our social network accounts that we have wanted or initially planned. On the other side, an employee you want to hire, who knows to find his or her way around the social networks, can definitely contribute the company a lot. In numerous ways you can possibly imagine.

Finally, Facebook is pretty much determined to offer a compromising solution. Why the CEOs and Facebook has to be the worst enemies? Facebook plans to introduce some refreshing innovation, which will make it to be more business friendly. Facebook activities do not have to be necessarily associated with firing people.

This new LinkedIn like form of Facebook can allow employees to function and work in the social networks working environment. They can actually contribute to their business goals and improve the profit itself. Let us see, if it is possible to work and go on with your Facebook life with no negative changes of your working status.

U Can’t Touch This


In case, you ever wish to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, here is something you may find helpful. It is not going to work, that is for sure. Why? Does it really matter? It is this guy’s social network and he can do whatever he likes with it. Including the very special VIP status. Or, cannot he?

There is something we should be more worried about than this “innocent” VIP game. If you recall, we had a couple of self-initiated bug bounty attempts on Facebook, which went an impressive extra mile. For what exactly? To knock directly on Mark’s virtual door and show him a flaw first-hand.

The trouble is that these busy little bees, who have identified serious security flaws on Facebook, were not rewarded accordingly. As a matter of fact, the extremely skillful people, who were able to hack Mark himself on Facebook, ended with peanuts instead of a decent prize and recognition for the efforts.

Maybe, we have unintentionally promoted an additional challenge. How about blocking Mark for a change? Is there someone who can really do that? It is about time for Mark to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the bug bounty hunters on Facebook. There is no other way, is it? Any ideas?

Block & Report


Twitter has taken care of things very seriously. What does it mean? With more than 500 million tweets on a daily basis, it is more than reasonable to expect that some of them will be disturbing or unacceptable in their nature. This is a true logistic nightmare to get rid of them promptly and accurately.

This is why Twitter has decided to include some additional options, which will improve the work of the intern neighborhood online watches. From now on, you will be able to block the inappropriate content or accounts more easily. We should also mention the improved report function. Is this enough?

Well, when you have hundreds of millions of users, you cannot never be sure and safe enough. Yet, by empowering users to do something about it, you are improving your chances as a service provider. On the other hand, we sure hope this will not turn into some kind of Twitter account wars. Right?

Let us see, how it will work in the future. Although, we do not like a formulation, which includes something like improving your customer’s experience, in this case we have no other choice than to comply. So, what are you waiting for? Find your most annoying little cyber bird and block it. Or, even better, report it.

Simple Rules For Cyber Fools


Which one came first? The UK law makers’ decision to urge the social networks to drastically simplify their rules, or Facebook announcement of the Privacy Policy for Dummies? Either way this a win-win situation for us. Yet, it is worth to spend some extra time thinking about what is exactly happening here.

Facebook is not going to create new privacy policy. It is just going to rewrite its policies in a simpler way. This is something very similar to the UK’s intention to make you think twice before you press Yes at the end of a certain policy document. These situations we take for granted. That is true.

We do not like to think, we like to use. We literally consume the social networks without second thoughts, or some serious consideration. Later, we like to complain. Maybe, it is better to do these things this way. Fair and simple. You do not have to be a law expert to understand properly the privacy policies.

On the other hand, we will not have an excuse, if something eventually goes wrong. There is a reasonable fear, though, that all of these policies are nicely written, but we are too lazy to read them thoroughly. Let us see what is going to happen eventually with this simplicity reform. Is that enough?

Facebook Privacy For Dummies


2015 is going to be an important year for both parties, us and the Facebook itself. It turns out that Facebook wants to wish you a happy new privacy year among the first in the world of social networks. So, what is the catch with this one? Above all, what is new about Facebook privacy policy in 2015?

Here is the biggest surprise of them all. Nothing is changing, but Facebook will do us a favor. The legal terminology and the entire structure of Facebook Privacy Policy will be simplified beyond recognition. At least, this what they are trying to convince us about. How is this supposed to change our lives?

Well, for what is worth, maybe we will finally learn how to use some features or privacy adjustments. Perhaps, we will be able to understand Facebook’s Privacy Policy. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, why Facebook has become so generous and privacy friendly all of a sudden?

Here is a word of advice. Read the new policy about the privacy policy, but keep an eye on what is going on with the Facebook’s advertising business. Maybe, our privacy is to suffer from a terrific blow for the advertising purposes, and Facebook wants to minimize the potential danger and damage. Maybe.