U Can’t Touch This


In case, you ever wish to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, here is something you may find helpful. It is not going to work, that is for sure. Why? Does it really matter? It is this guy’s social network and he can do whatever he likes with it. Including the very special VIP status. Or, cannot he?

There is something we should be more worried about than this “innocent” VIP game. If you recall, we had a couple of self-initiated bug bounty attempts on Facebook, which went an impressive extra mile. For what exactly? To knock directly on Mark’s virtual door and show him a flaw first-hand.

The trouble is that these busy little bees, who have identified serious security flaws on Facebook, were not rewarded accordingly. As a matter of fact, the extremely skillful people, who were able to hack Mark himself on Facebook, ended with peanuts instead of a decent prize and recognition for the efforts.

Maybe, we have unintentionally promoted an additional challenge. How about blocking Mark for a change? Is there someone who can really do that? It is about time for Mark to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the bug bounty hunters on Facebook. There is no other way, is it? Any ideas?

The Silent Killers


Here is something that will catch you completely by surprise. We live in the mobile world. Or, let us be a little bit more precise, in the wireless world. We like to be wireless and limitless at any given moment. Unfortunately, this freedom comes at a huge price to pay. Have you ever wondered what is happening with all those waves?

If the WiFi waves and signals can go through the walls of our houses, why should our own bodies be an exception in this case? We are talking about the small quantities of harmful emissions. However, what is happening after ten or twenty years of the constant exposure? You are not the only to use the WiFi.

You are going to feel even worse after hearing about the results of the following experiment. Two rooms. Two plants. One in the “rich” WiFi environment. The other one free from wireless desires. Which one did better? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know the answer, do you?

So, what should we do with our WiFi killers, who are killing us softly? Should we go back and hide in the caves, for a change? What is the point of living after knowing, something so depressing such as this? Well, that is up to you to find out. Our job is done here. Time to switch off our WiFi. At least for a night.

Stephen Hawking vs AI


Here is a tricky situation about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). On the one side, we have Stephen Hawking, who has a chance to significantly improve the quality of his personal and professional work thanks to the new Intel technology. One may think that he would be grateful for this great opportunity.

On the other side, he is extremely worried that the further AI improvement of the in this field can end the humanity as we know it today. This is at least to say a strong contradiction for this brilliant scientist. This is not a traditional conflict of interests, but it is still very confusing, either way. Right?

We have every reason to believe that the future improvement of the AI can strongly influence Hawking and other people with disabilities in a similar situation. Why stop now? Just because someone has seen the Terminator movie and become familiar with the SkyNet concept. Is this serious enough?

Do you remember one of the most famous movie lines about the aliens? They have not crossed the whole universe just to be bad and start a war. The same can be applied for the AI. Even if it becomes self-conscious one day, its first thought is not going to be to destroy something. It just does not make any sense, does it?

Don’t Lie And Drive


What is wrong with this post’s title? Actually nothing, it is perfectly fine. The days when we used to say, do not drink and drive, are long gone. Nowadays, you are required to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, in order for your car to allow you to drive. Are you still confused about what we have just said?

Our story about the unparalleled lie detector for drunk drivers begins in Germany. Some busy little bees have actually recorded hundreds and hundreds of hours, which include drunk driver talks. Based on these recordings they have come up with a genuine software solution. What does it do?

Well, as soon as you try to start your car you will be required to have a convenient conversation with it. If you convince your car’s computer that you are not drunk, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will not able to start the engine. Is this a reliable solution? Hard to say, without some thorough testings.

For what is worth, this is a huge step forward for the AI. The possible applications for this intriguing software solution are not limited only to the traffic safety control, that is for sure. We have to look for the wider picture. The AI will be able to communicate with us in a much profound and precise way.

Simple, Simpler, Safe


Sometimes you just cannot see the forest for the trees, can you? We are so worried about our endangered privacy on the Internet, and yet we do not do much about it to protect us. At the same time, we are looking for the miraculous solutions, which are expensive and complex by default. So, what is wrong with this picture?

Well, there are so many nice apps, which are more or less efficient, when it comes to the protection of your privacy. They are ready and waiting to be discovered and used, as well. You do not need a list of recommended apps. You do not need to read endless reviews. Just do it. Just install and try them for yourself.

On the other hand, our reckless behavior is the worst enemy our online privacy can possibly have. Right? Do we have to mention user names and passwords, which are totally identical. Or, passwords which include only one word with no numbers or capital letters, such as the password itself?

Let us do something for a change. Something simple and thoughtful at the same time. How hard could it be? We have the most powerful weapons against the espionage and data theft our world has ever seen – our brain and time. Yet, we tend to use and waste them for so many other useless things.

Block & Report


Twitter has taken care of things very seriously. What does it mean? With more than 500 million tweets on a daily basis, it is more than reasonable to expect that some of them will be disturbing or unacceptable in their nature. This is a true logistic nightmare to get rid of them promptly and accurately.

This is why Twitter has decided to include some additional options, which will improve the work of the intern neighborhood online watches. From now on, you will be able to block the inappropriate content or accounts more easily. We should also mention the improved report function. Is this enough?

Well, when you have hundreds of millions of users, you cannot never be sure and safe enough. Yet, by empowering users to do something about it, you are improving your chances as a service provider. On the other hand, we sure hope this will not turn into some kind of Twitter account wars. Right?

Let us see, how it will work in the future. Although, we do not like a formulation, which includes something like improving your customer’s experience, in this case we have no other choice than to comply. So, what are you waiting for? Find your most annoying little cyber bird and block it. Or, even better, report it.

No Play For The Pirate Bay


One of the latest news in the world of torrents that the Pirate Bay is alive again online turns out to be a fake one. You should pay attention. The fake websites can be the extremely efficient phishing places rich with malware and all kinds of trojans. Yet, that is only the beginning of troubles associated with the Pirate Bay.

The long arms of the cyber blood thirsty Hollywood have found a way to hit the mobile weak points, as well. Google had no other option than to remove all mobile apps directly or indirectly associated with the Pirate Bay. Unfortunately, the developers were the collateral damage in this cyber war.

From now on you cannot download The Pirate Bay Proxy, The Pirate Bay Premium, The Pirate Bay Mirror or the PirateApp. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the almighty entertainment industry wants to make an example out of the Pirate Bay itself, do you? With this one the entire torrent structure can collapse.

The sad thing in this story is either an unwillingness to find a compromising solution or meaningless stubbornness, which prevents us from finding a way to deal with torrents in an acceptable way. We will always strive for a free content. How to fight this basic instinct? Hollywood, you can do better than this.

Activation Lock Deactivating Crime


Here are some encouraging statistics. The rate of stolen smartphones has declined from 30 to 40%. We should thank Apple for this change in a crime tide. It turns out that the Activation Lock has been just the thing we needed the most. What is the use of stealing a smartphone, if you cannot use it in the first place?

As soon as someone tries to turn off Find My iPhone option on your lost or stolen iPhone, the Activation Lock will take care of it all for you. No one can hide your iPhone from you nor access the sensitive data. For all of you, who have some really important data, there is always an option to destroy your phone remotely.

It really comes as a surprise that you can do so many positive and beneficial things with a simple feature such as this one. On the other hand, the next generation of thieves would really have to be a smart one in order to deal with the smartphones and their top protection cyber measures. Right?

For the time being, we should relax and enjoy our safety. It is going to take a while before some ingenious hackers find a way to deal with this protection measure. As long as we have something simple and efficient such as the Activation Lock, we can forget about troubles of losing the most precious gadget.

Taiwan Rules


Our hats off to Taiwan. Why? Well, they have conducted a thorough check of the smartphones, which circulate in its market. As a result, we have a list of 12 models, which do not comply with the privacy protection requirements. Maybe, it is more advisable for us to be a little bit more precise about this one.

One of the latest privacy related controversies included the so-called Chinese Apple or Xiaomi. According to some security experts, Xiaomi smartphones have a firmware option to send all user data secretly and with no authorization back to China. What a nightmare for the Taiwan authorities, isn’t it?

Apple, Samsung, HTC and Xiaomi are the major smartphone brands in Taiwan. So far, Sasmung, HTC and even the Xiaomi itself have expressed the unconditional willingness to cooperate closely with the strict Taiwan privacy regulations. The funny thing, though, is that Apple keeps silent about this one.

No need to ask you about the moral of this story. Right? Can you imagine the USA or China of imposing similar privacy related requirements. Oh, what a lovely sight that would have been. We can only dream about it, or we can put some additional pressure on our governments follow Taiwan’s indicative example.

More About Sony


Here is more about the latest cyber controversy associated with the Sony Pictures Entertainment and North Korea. It turns out that the notorious Bureau 121 has some talented individuals, rather than the cyber magicians. Why? For what is worth, the Sony itself was an easy cyber prey. Really?

Unfortunately, the hackers have found an entire file in the Sony’s cyberspace with an intriguing title – Passwords. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the entire Sony Entertainment IT structure was offered at a glance in an unprecedently reckless way. So, what is the moral of this story for us to be remembered?

If you want to make a movie about some of the world’s most notorious dictators, you have to make sure that the top cyber security experts are among your employees. Otherwise, you will inevitably hit the wall, which is not going to be made of cyber bricks, but the rock-solid materials. Is that enough?

Well, it is advisable for you not to have identical user names and passwords. In addition, you should make a living hell for the hackers, who are trying to cause you harm. In the meantime, we shall see what is going to happen with the clash between Hollywood and the North Korea. Maybe, they will make a movie about it, as well.