Happy Privacy Day


Did you know that even the privacy has its own birthday? We are a little bit behind. Remember January the 28th. So, what are you supposed to do on that day? At least what you can do is think about the concept of privacy under the modern circumstances. What about the candles? Who is going to take care of them?

Who else, than our grandpa Microsoft. For what is worth, Microsoft has launched a privacy awareness campaign. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess, which date is going to be used as the official launching date, do you? OK, we have a birthday. Microsoft will take care of the birthday party.

It is time to wish something. So, what could be our privacy’s birthday wish? Now, we are obviously moving into the tricky terrain. Unfortunately, when it comes to the privacy the rule, be careful what you wish for – because it may become true and real, is not going to happen in this case by default.

Maybe, this is the only how it should be. We need to be reminded each year that our privacy is not something that is going to work all on its own. As a matter of fact, we need to have a privacy’s birthday every single month, but as to begin with, let us start with once a year, shall we? Just do not forget.

Click To Report A Crime


The busy little bees in the UK police force have come up with an intriguing idea. How about reporting a crime by using the Internet instead of using your phone, which is the most common thing to do in these situations by default? Would not that be a ground shaking change to the entire system?

For what is worth, the UK police believes that this new system of online crime reporting could bring some substantial savings in both time and resources. Of course, this new solution would be reserved only for the crimes, which are not extremely urgent in their nature or required response time.

On the other side, in order for this warning system to truly work it is necessary to develop a fully functional and above all a secure website. We do not even dare to think what could happen, if some hacker is to put false warnings on this system. So, what is the moral of this story? What should we think?

It is not so hard to come up with an idea such as this one. However, it is a completely different thing to see it running. There is so much work to do and so many practical problems to solve. Yet, that does not mean we are supposed to give it up. Right? The crime, we are supposed to fight against it. Together.

The Death Red Star


What in a world is that? Well, prepare yourself for some more mind blowing surprises made in North Korea. For quite some time, we have neglected and even underestimated the North Korean cyber capacities. Now, all of these hit us back like a boomerang. There are no more amateurs in the cyber universe.

The Red Star is a cloned OS from A to Z, and what is even more important fully controlled by the state itself. Although, the Red Star OS strongly resembles Microsoft’s Windows, it is actually based entirely on Linux. So, what do you know the North Koreans know how to develop an entire OS.

Impressive? Whatever you think or do about this one, just do not say anything against their leader. Otherwise, you can end up like Sony Pictures. Because of the Interview movie, they are trembling because of the constant cyber attacks conducted by the notorious government group the Bureau 121.

The next thing you know the North Koreans will come up with the Internet of their own. One of the serious rumors has it that China and Russia have the “national” Internet fully operational and ready to be launched at any given moment. Can North Korea join this big boys club for real? Let us see.

Don’t Click!


As simple as that. And yet, you just cannot believe how successful a phishing season can be on Facebook. We are helplessly reckless and surprisingly impulsive. We tend to follow calls for help or action with no serious consideration. As a result, our passwords are being offered on a hacker’s plate.

So, how does this malicious system work in the real life? First, you get a heartbreaking message that you have to follow a certain link so your friend can do this or that. You say to yourself, how hard can it be? No harm in that. So, you hit a button, and the next thing you know you are on a phishing website.

It looks like a Facebook official page, but you can rest assured it certainly is not. And, you disclose your password with a hacker behind this entire operation just like that. We do not have to say to you what is going to happen next with your Facebook account, do we? So, did you get the message?

Before you click, you should blink, at least twice. Otherwise, there is no security system in the world, which can save you from the phishing net. Right? Before you accept someone’s friendship request or follow this link request, you should really give it a serious thought. How hard could it really be?

What’s Up WhatsApp?


If you see something like this on your smartphone’s screen in English, or some other more suitable language for the users in your own country, then you should think twice about your next most likely action. Why? For the time being, we have not heard a thing about the most recent WhatsApp update.

This is a simple and very costly Internet scam. Even if there is such a thing as the WhatsApp, its notification will certainly will not include these eye-catching and warning colors, including the payment option for it. Therefore, the best things online are still free. In most of the cases, more or less.

How come there quite a few WhatsApp users, who allow themselves a luxury to become victims of these humiliating Internet fraud schemes? Well, for hackers the business is as usual. Their most trusted ally and most profitable partner in crime is undoubtedly is our reckless and irrational behavior.

So, we sure hope that the next time when you ask your WhatsApp what is up, you will not get a notification such as this one. Can we blame the WhatsApp or your Internet provider for all the trouble? No, in this case, no. This is something you should ignore from the very first moment. WhatsApp something else.

The Internet 2015


What is going to happen to the Internet in 2015? What should happen, in the first place? The father of the World Wide Web has spoken one more time. Sir Tim Berners – Lee has some word of advice. The only trouble is that we have to find some careful listeners and quick doers to follow his footsteps.

Let us narrow our ambition to two things only, shall we? The first one is to do something about the 60% of people on our planet, who still live in the Internet darkness. How to ensure them access to the Net? Google will send drones and Facebook balloons. Would that be enough? Let us wait and see.

The second thing is associated directly with our heavily compromised and jeopardized online privacy. Mr. Berners – Lee believes that we desperately need some kind of a Privacy Constitution, which will guarantee the rights, as well as online obligations of all participants in the cyber universe, for real.

Let us forget about our shiny little gadgets and fascinating Internet speed we like to brag around, shall we? Without these two requirements, our good old Internet will remain to be nothing more than a convenient toy in an enlightening package. We hope that Tim will live long enough to see it all happen.  

Facebook 2015


This year is definitely going to be a crucial one for Facebook. Why? On the one side, we have a new privacy policy, which is going to shake the ground of social networks, for sure. On the other hand, there is a huge legal trouble on the Facebook horizon. So, what is this supposed to mean for us and Facebook?

Well, if Facebook can hit these two birds with one stone, then the shinning and promising future is guaranteed. On the contrary, if the users are not thrilled with the new privacy policy and the lawsuits against Facebook are to be successful, then Facebook will have to prepare billions of dollars and throw them directly into the fire.

Scanning users’ private messages for the advertising purposes is still not a legal activity in California. That is why all successful lawsuits, which are protecting our privacy, are very likely to be “rewarded” with at least $10K per user. Is this enough for Facebook to be dead worried about the situation?

They can afford it, that is for sure, this way or another. But, Facebook will have to change something about the way it runs its business and treats its users. That could be a good thing to start the new year. Right? Otherwise, Facebook will discover the completely new meaning of the word privacy. 

The Interview Feeling Blue


The Interview has entered the movie theaters. For what is worth, not on a full scale as planned. If you have a reason to fear that someone will conduct a terrorist attack in the darkness of the movie theater, you have an option to rent this movie online and watch it absolutely safely. Or not?

Maybe, the notorious Bureau 121 from the North Korea has the capacities to attack every single computer on this planet, which shows this movie. There is a little bit strange angle for this unusual situation we would like to share with you. We dare to say that this was an unplanned and unusual win-win situation for both parties.

You may wonder, how can this be? Well, it is actually quite simple, if you are willing to accept it. Sony Pictures has advertized its latest movie in the most unusual, but very effective way. On the other side, the North Korea has a rare and unique opportunity to fight the common prejudices about its technology development.

So, the North Korean hackers have provided some free advertisement for the Sony Pictures. In return, we have expressed our admiration with the North Korean achievements in the cyber field. So, who is hurt here? We have seen the movie. And our blog is still operational, but do not tell anyone. It is our little secret.

Transcendence Copy/Paste


There is something called the Substrate – Independent Mind or the SIM technology. If you have seen the Transcendence with Johnny Depp, then you have an idea what are we talking about, don’t you? The only difference is that we are not referring to the AI – Artificial Intelligence stuff, at all. This is something completely different.

The SIM concept simply and literally takes our brain’s “content” and puts it into a different environment. Like a computer, for a change. It is an old idea in a new package. Or, maybe we can put it this way. You have probably seen one of the X-Files movies. The second one, if we are not mistaken, uses the similar idea.

We can describe this approach as the “talking heads”, if you know what we mean. With the SIM you do not have to conduct a transplantation of your head on someone else’s shoulders to see it works again. This is definitely smoother than the controversial surgical procedure, we have seen in the movie.

So, we have all worked it out, haven’t we? One last thing left, though. We have not asked the brain itself, what it thinks about moving out. Maybe, one day when we, or whatever that is left of us, wake up in some strange and dark place within four metal walls, you will not be thrilled with your available future perspectives.

The Omnipresence Game


Do not act surprised, because we all know that you have not been entirely honest to yourself. It has been only a matter of time before someone will come up with an idea to put real people in the video games. This is exactly what has happened with the Omnipresence game. So, what is it all about?

Well, for the start you need real people on both sides. One group to control and the other one to be controlled.  Voluntarily. That is the most important condition to participate. So, in simpler words, you accept to become someone’s avatar of flesh and blood in the cyber world. What is next?

You either control someone’s actions or choices, or you submit your will to your cyber lord. It is absolutely crazy, and it is extremely popular. What is happening to us? Why do we want to play the Sims with the real people? Is it funny or an inevitable necessity of our brave new digital age? There is no easy answer.

So, what is going to happen with this game? Who is going to win? Or, are we all going to lose eventually? We have no intention to ask what is the next thing in the gaming world. Somehow we have this feeling it is not going to be an easy thing to digest, after all. Our virtual life has become a real game.